Visual Production

TV & Film Production
Visual production of all forms, whether TV, photographic, or social media production, has been the core of our work since early 2003.

We are proud of all that we have provided throughout these years of distinguished TV works, whether programs, films, or other visual production, and our services in this field are as follows:

  • Production of TV programs
  • Production of documentaries
  • Production of educational or directed films
  • Production of short films
  • Production of commercial advertisements
  • Drama production
  • Motion graphics works
  • 2D and 3D video works
  • Editing and color correction
  • Processing damaged and old films and photos
  • Photography and Image Processing
  • Equipping and operating studios
  • Screenwriting, authorship, and text review:

We are experts in the field of TV production and enjoy a strong and expanded network with many professional authors and screenwriters, and thus, we’re qualified to execute all the tasks of integrated TV and drama production.


Audio Production

Audio production of all kinds
At Satedma, we provide our customers with voice over, audio advertisements, interpretation, podcasts, and audio mixing services.

Admitting that integration is important to provide the best results at the highest levels, we were proud to have practical and constructive partnerships in the field of audio and music production with many specialized companies with all the necessary technologies that convey our technical vision for our clients to the full extent, guaranteeing outstanding results.

Note that these partnerships and collaboration include the following areas:

Sound production of soundtracks, voice over services, dubbing, and songs for events and festivals.


Publicity & Announcement

Ads, marketing, and promotional gifts
We are not the only media institution to provide advertising services, but we bet that we’re of the best, owing to the experience we have gained throughout the years of work in this field in addition to a strong network with the local and international markets that provide such services.

As a result, we are confident to provide our customers with what they aspire in order to achieve their goals.

  • Visual advertising campaigns:

We offer innovative plans and ideas for publicity and announcement campaigns, and our works are as follows:

Campaign planning – creating and implementing distinctive designs to the different kinds of means of publication such as billboards and marketing publications – implementation and publication

  • Business identity:

We specialize in designing communicative brands, and thus different companies and institutions can obtain a unique brand when they request our services, in line with the perceptions and requirements of their customers, and in a way that achieves their goals and fits their budgets.

  • And we provide the following service:

Color outlines and general structure – logo – correspondence paper – paper envelopes – internal memos – invoices – receipts and bills – stamps – paper folders – leaflets – brochures, and other needs of commercial establishments

  • Creating and implementing designs:

We offer and excel in creating top-notch designs and new ideas by which we keep pace with the world’s advancements regarding shapes, colors, and ideas, proceeding with our path and achieving our actual motto that ‘we are racing for everything new in this field’.

  • Image processing and design development:

Services of archival image processing, editing of damaged ones, digital restoration, and color editing, in addition to the services of developing old designs such as logos.

  • Marketing billiards content design:

Digital signage services that are used in storefronts, pop-ups or roll-up ads, and other designs that are compatible with various advertising media

  • Promotional gifts:

Undoubtedly, promotional gifts are one of the effective and charming means in the marketing plans of companies and institutions of all kinds. Accordingly, we offer all new things in the global market, especially the Chinese market, as we have a direct partnership with many factories specialized in promotional gifts. In addition, we can create new designs according to the customer’s vision or what we offer them, to be consistent with their marketing objectives.

Examples: pens – mugs – shirts – hats – stationery – calendar – watches – notebooks – calculators – leather wallets, etc.


E-content Publishing

E-content publishing and digital marketing (Maten)
The tremendous development in the world of the Internet and social media platforms is endless and remarkably fast. Accordingly and in interest to provide services in a distinctive way, we launched the new branch of Satedma, Maten for e-content publishing, which provides all digital services uniquely and accurately by a specialized team.

Among the services provided in Maten for e-content publishing:

  • Managing social media accounts for companies and individuals.
  • Creating content of all kinds, visual, written, or audio content.
  • Making special designs for accounts, i.e., graphic designs.
  • Launching online marketing campaigns of all kinds and channels, free or paid.
  • Analyzing information and reporting
  • Electronic research and investigation tasks
  • Website design and programming skillfully and professionally
  • Web hosting
  • Programming various applications compatible with all smart devices and systems

You can visit Maten website by clicking here


Organizing Exhibitions & Events

Organizing exhibitions, conferences, and events
If planning and organizing events is a craft to master, currently, this does not matter due to many specialized companies. What really matters is the renewing of events and continual innovation so as to establish a distinctive idea in every event or occasion we work to organize and manage. So, not to worry!

We, at Satedma for organizing exhibitions, conferences, festivals, and events, offer a full range of services and in every event, we make use of all departments, of the Satedma Group to provide complementary services, ensuring that everything related to the event is in one place and no need to deal with more than one institution or company to hold the event.

Some of our services:

  • Studying the idea for the event and providing full proposals and planning.
  • Execution and design of exhibitions: suits – decorations – registration and complete logistical services.
  • Implementation and design of theaters: This includes lighting, sound, photography, and artistic effects.
  • Implementing external events.
  • Proposing accompanying events and sections, coordination and contracting with the owners of these events, such as professional magicians, acrobatic shows, and others.
  • Crowd management and organization from arrival to departure.
  • Establishing and managing public relations offices at events.
  • VIP services.

And many other services that we provide for each event as needed.


Media consulting

Media and marketing consulting
In light of the new media in the world of media and the diversification of media fields, the importance of having professional support and media consultancy becomes imperative.

However, we keen to provide our clients with the gist of our media experience and contracted with a group of experts and academicians in the field of audiovisual media, journalism, and public relations to deliver consultations in various disciplines as needed by the client.

Our consulting services are as follows:

  • Studying and analyzing commercial competition and how to use the media to help the establishment in raising value with competitors.
  • Presenting ideas for TV shows and movies.
  • Studying and evaluating works technically and professionally.
  • Studying and suggesting the facility’s needs in the media and public relations sections in terms of staff and equipment.
  • Developing media plans.
  • Setting advertising and marketing plans.
  • Evaluating and developing business.
  • Providing consultations in the field of building mental image and reputation management.
  • Analyzing the evaluation of institutional communication and public relations programs.
  • Performing feasibility studies for media projects.
  • Establishing administrative procedures and measures for the work of public relations and media departments.
  • Consulting in the field of crisis management and improving the media image of the facility.
  • Providing consultations in the field of social responsibility for corporations and institutions.
  • Offering administrative and professional training and qualification.
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