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Media is the language of the present, the light of the future, and the message that moves hearts and directs minds. Therefore, professional and comprehensive media institutions have become a necessity at the present.
Here in Satedma Media Group, we offer an integrated world of comprehensive and unique media services.

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About satedma Media Group

From the core of the Saudi Arabian community, in 1423 AH, corresponding to 2002 AD, the Satedma Group for comprehensive media production was established, to professionally provide media content of the highest standards of quality and credibility. We kicked off with the thought and creativity of our specialized and professional team in all the assigned tasks to be one of the edifices of perfection entrusted by all our customers in all branches of the media, in order for Satedma to verify their progress and prove their existence day after day.
Here are the work disciplines that we offer at Satedma:

  • Satedma Corporation for audiovisual production and distribution.
  • Satedma Advertising Agency.
  • Satedma Foundation for organizing exhibitions, conferences, and holding events.
  • Maten for E-content publishing.

We offer all of this and more sincerely to all our customers, as we believe in the importance of media and its multiple channels, and that quality and perfection are the only way to success and continuity, transforming challenges into a history of achievements.

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Working Process

We deal with any project in three basic steps:

  • Studying the project

    Before starting work, we study the project with the client and collect all the ideas, desires, and colors that they want us to focus on and highlight in order to achieve the desired goal.
  • Planning and approval

    At this stage, we prepare work plans and ideas and the timeline for implementation, present the ideas and models to the client, and then take the final approval for implementation.
  • Implementation and delivery

    The implementation stage is considered the last stage and we are keen to implement all the ideas, proposals, and plans presented in the previous stages, and the slogan of this stage is quality and time.

Social media platforms

You can prepare, follow us on social media, the latest posts on our Instagram account


Our YouTube channel

YouTube is the most famous video platform in the world, and therefore we recently launched our channel for the Satedma group, through which all the distinctive materials from our production and samples of our work will be presented.

Youtube Chanel

We keep going...

Success stories always go through multiple stages, and we have not reached what we are now as the Satedma media group will all its departments, save with effort, dedication, and stages, which are as follows:

Outset and foundation

At the beginning of the establishment of the institution, it consisted of two departments, namely audio and visual production.

The second branch .. Agency

The opening of the second branch of the institution, which is the advertising agency, by which the scope of work expanded, from audiovisual production to advertising and marketing campaigns, designs, publications, and other advertising and marketing services.

Internet solutions

With the advancement of Internet services and business relationship with the Internet and communicating through e-mail services, the step of adding a department specialized in hosting and designing websites, where the services were provided comprehensively to customers regarding their media projects.

The Media Group

With the expansion of the fields of work in the two branches and the departments, whether in audio or visual production or marketing campaigns and after the institution's possession of major projects with major governmental and commercial agencies, the idea of ​​transforming into a comprehensive, multi-specialty media group began with the expansion of the branches' departments and their fields of work.  

Watanyah Channel

As part of a huge national media project that we have adopted and implemented, which is the National Encyclopedia of Covenant and Promise, Watania Satellite Channel was launched, which served the project, and through which we presented important and distinguished media materials that achieved distinction and left a significant impact on the public.

Organizing exhibitions and events

With the clear development in the Saudi market and the frequent holding of events and conferences, whether in the government or the private sector, we had to integrate into the SATEDMA group that kind of media projects, which is the organization of exhibitions, conferences, and events... from where our new branch begins.

E-Content publishing (MATEN ALUHTAWA)

The world is experiencing an amazing development and revolution in the world of Internet and social media, and certainly, every commercial project is to integrate technical services related to the Internet from websites, electronic publishing services, content creation, and management. And since Satedma was a pioneer in this field and with the expansion of demand in the Saudi market, particularly for these services, the Maten for e-content publishing, internet solutions, and digital marketing was launched as a new and independent branch.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have had beautiful and fruitful cooperation with a group of government sectors and private companies of various specialties and services, by the branches of the Satedma Group.

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